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Asteroids: Te Body-Text of the Chart (banner thumbnail)

The Asteroid Course

with Kerrie Redgate

Introduction to using Asteroids in astrology. How hundreds of them can tell your past-life stories and, hence, present potentials in your birthchart. The Asteroid courses that follow will each focus on a particular theme, or ‘collection’ of asteroids.

Asteroids title over KR logo on black thumbnail | courses on asteroid categories

Asteroids in Categories | Course Series

with Kerrie Redgate

This series follows on from the Asteroids: Body-Text of the Chart course. Using hundreds of asteroids (from a list of thousands) can describe your pastlife stories and present potentials in your birthchart. To find these stories, it’s necessary to organise asteroids into categories for following the threads.

Each Asteroid course will focus on a particular theme, or ‘collection’ of asteroids. This is useful not only for astrology, but for learning more about history, philosophies, the arts, all the sciences, and every aspect of life imaginable, expanding your view of the world.

Part of Fortune & its Parts thumbnail with Simple graphic of Earth, Mppn and sunlight

The Part of Fortune & Its Parts

with Kerrie Redgate

A new interpretation of the Part of Fortune (an ancient Arabic Astrological phenomenon) and the interactions between the parts of the chart that create this ‘symbolic’ Point, leading to your higher expression in the world.

Part of Fortune thumbnail

The Arts in Your Chart

with Kerrie Redgate

This is a practical use of the asteroids in your birth chart that are associated with the creative planetary & Sign  configurations, related to all the major arts — find your Talent potential. An expanded exposé based on a presentation I’d given to the Wollongong branch of the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 2011.

Part of Fortune thumbnail

Mastering Your Mars for Managing Emotions

with Kerrie Redgate

What are emotions? We begin with a new definition and origin of emotions, involving several key planets explained in-depth, for a deeper understanding within a spiritual context.
We also explore 
how emotions can be triggered in your brain, based on my research involving the astrological resonances that correspond with your emotional imprints.
This leads to how you can use your personal Mars dynamics to mature your emotional reactions and better understand them, retraining your brain in the process.
The New Basics of my Yogacara Astrology system, related to these pertinent planets, will be included here. (This is a fuller exposé of the presentation I’d given to the Sydney Astrological Research Society in 2014.)

Chiron is the answer | man with tennis racquet aimed at shooting star

Chiron is Not the Problem—It's the Answer!

with Kerrie Redgate

This also involves a practical use of the asteroids in your birth chart, related to your higher life purpose — find your Spirit’s motivation for your career potential. (A fuller explanation of Chiron based on a presentation I’d given to the Sydney Astrological Research Society in 2020.)

Charting Your Brain (course banner thumbnail)

Charting Your Astrological brain

with Kerrie Redgate

How did your brain develop uniquely? And how do the various areas of your brain interact — as the tools for your consciousness? Your brain is not the source of your consciousness, yet Astrology involves your brain, both at birth and in real time throughout your life, as your brain is evolving with each passing moment of consciousness. This is why genuine astrology is interpreted uniquely for each individual. This is entirely new research born from the past few decades of my clinical work.

Man facing wall | Admetos icon

The Source of Imposter Syndrome

with Kerrie Redgate

This is an advanced view of the prefrontal cortex of the brain, from a specialised astrological phenomenon I’ve been researching since 1988. This will be more beneficial for you when some asteroid studies have been completed in the previous courses listed here.

… and many more courses to come!

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