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Your Birth Chart is a Spiral.
Step up to Your Higher Levels to

Fulfil Your Purpose

Yogacara Astrology
is the Guide

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↖︎ Change Your View of Your Life

These are not simple ‘Astrology How-To’ courses

These courses can be


Most Astrology Systems
interpret your chart from 
the point of view of your Ego
which can reinforce subconscious habits

Yogacara Astrology 
interprets your chart from 
the point of view of your Spirit
which encompasses
your reason for incarnating

This allows you to
Live with Purpose!

Kerrie, I have such fantastic memories of learning astrology from you, and of you in general.

You are a brilliant teacher and researcher.
You are a brilliant interpreter of astrology.”


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former editor, Southern Crossings
(spiritual development magazine)

Thank you, Kerrie, sooooo much. I am so glad I followed my spirit’s calling back in 1991 when I saw the ad for your course in a shop window.

Best decision I ever made!”


You are an amazing teacher and a true pioneer!”


Quizzes along the way
to keep you Thinking

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Intelligent Quizzes to help you think laterally and critically about the things you’re learning.
I won’t treat you like a dummy.

Every time you learn something new, your brain develops new synaptic connections. This course will definitely help that process, and I guarantee you will be learning new things all the way through, along with new approaches to how you can see your life.

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Mondrian-style glass walls in blues & orange in black frames via Pixabay

Build your Confidence

Coloured Mondrian-style glass in blues & orange in black frames

You will be learning to see yourself in a more positive light, with a view to how every aspect of your Being can be expressed for a Higher Purpose.

No dark psychology from old pop-astrology. This will be a refreshing and uplifting experience. When you see yourself from the perspective of your spiritual consciousness, rather than your habitual ego-nature, your confidence and your opportunities will blossom.

See your Goals clearly

Understanding the Inherent Goals you brought in with you to this Incarnation will allow you to find the perfect and relevant expressions for those goals.

The framework of your life is not random. There is a pattern to all things. You do have a Destiny. Your astrology chart is a map of frequencies that have ‘wired’ your brain with all you need. Reading that map gives you greater clarity and Purpose.

I first met Kerrie [Redgate] in 1993 and was initiated into Astrology.

She did a natal (or birth) chart for me, interpreting it from a present and past life perspective, incorporating Buddhist philosophy.

It was one of those ‘Oh My God’ (OMG) moments!

It was not only a life-changing experience but set me forth on a new path of deeper spiritual understanding in life — basically it was an indescribable but enlightening experience.

I then studied with Kerrie for one year in 1994. The class [course] was a very well structured 4-semester intensive program.

… Kerrie is leading the field in a lifetime quest…


Beyond the Black Stump of Eternity | David Shaun Larsen (book cover)

excerpt from David’s book,
Beyond the Black Stump of Eternity

  Living with

Exceptional Purpose

An EVERGREEN Online Course Series

Series of Courses

The courses listed here are just the beginning. Once you sign up for a course, or to my email list, you will be kept up to date with my new courses, book series, podcast episodes, & inspirational merchandise coming soon.

Part of Fortune thumbnail

Mastering Your Mars for Managing Emotions

with Kerrie Redgate

What are emotions? We begin with an exposé of the origin of emotions based on my research of the astrological resonances that trigger your brain in the areas that are involved in emotional disturbances.

How you can use your personal Mars dynamics to mature your emotional reactions and better understand them, retraining your brain in the process.

Several key planets are explained in-depth for a deeper understanding of what emotions are in a spiritual sense.

The New Basics of my Yogacara Astrology system, related to these pertinent planets, will be included here. (This is a fuller exposé of the presentation I’d given to the Sydney Astrological Research Society in 2014.) (COMING SOON!)

Part of Fortune & its Parts thumbnail with Simple graphic of Earth, Mppn and sunlight

The Part of Fortune & Its Parts

with Kerrie Redgate

A new interpretation of the Part of Fortune (an ancient Arabic Astrological phenomenon) and the interactions between the parts of the chart that create this ‘symbolic’ Point, leading to your higher expression in the world.

Charting Your Brain (course banner thumbnail)

Charting Your Astrological brain

with Kerrie Redgate

How did your brain develop uniquely? And how do the various areas of your brain interact — as the tools for your consciousness. Your brain is not the source of your consciousness, yet Astrology involves your brain, both at birth and in real time throughout your life, as your brain is evolving with each passing moment of consciousness. This is why genuine astrology is interpreted uniquely for each individual. This is entirely new research born from the past few decades of my clinical work.

Chiron is the answer | man with tennis racquet aimed at shooting star

Chiron is Not the Problem—It's the Answer!

with Kerrie Redgate

This also involves a practical use of the asteroids in your birth chart, related to your higher life purpose — find your Spirit’s motivation for your career potential. (A fuller explanation of Chiron based on a presentation I’d given to the Sydney Astrological Research Society in 2020.)

Part of Fortune thumbnail

The Arts in Your Chart

with Kerrie Redgate

This is a practical use of the asteroids in your birth chart that are associated with the creative planetary & Sign  configurations, related to all the major arts — find your Talent potential. An expanded exposé based on a presentation I’d given to the Wollongong branch of the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 2011.

Asteroids: Te Body-Text of the Chart (banner thumbnail)

The Asteroid Course

with Kerrie Redgate

Introduction to using Asteroids in astrology. How hundreds of them can tell your past-life stories and, hence, present potentials in your birthchart. The Asteroid courses that follow will each focus on a particular theme, or ‘collection’ of asteroids.

Asteroids title over KR logo on black thumbnail | courses on asteroid categories

Asteroids in Categories | Course Series

with Kerrie Redgate

This series follows the Asteroids: Body-Text of the Chart course. Using hundreds of asteroids (from a list of thousands) can describe your pastlife stories and present potentials in your birthchart. To find these stories, it’s necessary to organise asteroids into categories for following the threads.

Each Asteroid course will focus on a particular theme, or ‘collection’ of asteroids. This is useful not only for astrology, but for learning more about history, philosophies, the arts, all the sciences, and every aspect of life imaginable, expanding your view of the world.

Man facing wall | Admetos icon

The Source of Imposter Syndrome

with Kerrie Redgate

This is an advanced view of the prefrontal cortex of the brain, from a specialised astrological phenomenon I’ve been researching since 1988. This will be more beneficial for you when some asteroid studies have been completed in the previous courses listed here.

… and many more courses to come!


Do the Exceptional Purpose courses cover the basics?

YES. I have decided to include the relevant NEW BASICS techniques within each of these Exceptional Purpose courses as they pertain to the unique focus of the course. Don’t worry, you’ll be taken through every step, and with the philosophy behind it, so you’ll understand more deeply. Even if you’re a seasoned professional astrologer, this is a new approach with a new type of interpretation that is more spiritually based, but in a pragmatic way.

Will there be any live access to you as the teacher for questions and clarifictions?

YES, I’m planning to make this possible. When enough students have completed a course, I will organise an online Skype Meeting (or two, to suit various time zones), so I can answer your queries about the course material. These sessions will also be recorded for participants only, and you can download the video via Skype right after the Meeting.

Do I need to buy all the courses, and in order?

NO. You are free to choose only the topics that interest you, in any order, and to take the courses at your own pace. The relevant New Basics will be included for that course. These courses are not designed to qualify you as an astrologer (see my Yogacara Professional Astrology Course for that), but are for your own benefit and enhancement. Though, you will learn a lot about my system.

Can I buy a Bundle of courses at a discount?

YES. As soon as I have a number of these Exceptional Purpose courses available, I’ll introduce a Bundle price for them.  The Yogacara Professional Astrology course will be a separate and highly comprehensive course, on its own, so will not be bundled with anything else.

Are there graded exams?

NO. These courses are designed for you as an individual, to help you expand your awareness of yourself in the world, and to help you understand other people more profoundly. You will see potentials everywhere. But there will be Quizzes to help you gauge your own understanding of the information in stages.

Do these courses overlap with your Yogacara Astrology course material?

The Exceptional Purpose series of courses can be a prerequisite to the Yogacara Astrology course, or a focused addition to it later, for your personal enhancement rather than a full exposé of the science of astrology. So the Yogacara course will build on that information, and will relate more deeply to the Buddhist Yogacara Doctrine of Mind where the focus is on you being able to use this knowledge throughout your life—as well as professionally, if you choose—to benefit others. So, you have a choice as to how far you want to go with theses studies.

Is there a discount if I buy the Yogacara Astrology course later?

Not at this time, but things could change as all the courses progress. My work is always expanding. The Exceptional Purpose course series will be a complement to the Yogacara Course, covering some topics in a more focused way. But if you also attend the Yogacara Astrology course, you will still have online access to the Exceptional Purpose courses you would have already completed.

How do I pay for the courses?

I use Stripe for online credit and debit card processing (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, and UnionPay, which also includes Apple Pay and Google Pay on your devices). When the courses are live, there will be a payment button and easy form for you on each course page on the course platform, linked from this page. Stripe is used as the payment gateway of choice by the best online course platforms (and I’ve been using Stripe happily for my consultation payments since 2016).

Can I pay with PayPal?

NO, I’m sorry. I don’t have a PayPal account, and I’ve found Stripe to be a fabulous and reliable service for secure international card processing on a number of my websites. Their support and access are also terrific and very swift.

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