The Yogacara Professional
Astrology Course

The Metaphysics of Astrology
A New Astrology of Consciousness
with Kerrie Redgate


A New Astrology
of Consciousness

Even more comprehensive
than the Astrology & Mind series,
revealing decades of my research linking
Astrology with the Brain & Buddhism’s 
Yogacara Doctrine of Consciousness

This course is a meticulous
investigation of ‘mind’

Open to anyone who wants to study
my innovative system of astrology, in-depth.
I will not be holding back any of my research. 

This course also provides the superlative tool
for anyone wanting to work with
astrology on a professional basis,
assisting people to fulfill their purpose
or to find deeper healing.

Yogacara Astrology assures
a personally relevant interpretation,
combining both the pragmatic &
higher spiritual (‘super-conscious’)
levels of your own mind

For far too long, genuine astrology has been regarded as an ‘occult science’, known only to a privileged few.

I believe it’s time now to ‘re-brand’ this fabulous language of consciousness, which I’ve updated for our 21st century lives, so that it may be available to everyone.

The full extent of this course demands a serious commitment to yourself.  This course is for you, as well as enabling you to help others in extraordinary ways.

Structure:  40 lessons via video in 4 modules
Several live Skype Meetings with Kerrie & students at certain levels of progress through the course content.

Fees & Payments: Pay per module individually; or full-course in advance (non-refundable but discounted). Fees available in late 2024.

The shorter Astrology & Mind courses on Asteroid Categories will be recommended to students having completed the full Yogacara course, adding more of the vocabulary of this system of Astrology, and new short follow-up courses will offer my ongoing research.

Plenty of support material for you to download as PDFs with each lesson, which will get you started.

Plus (non-astrology) book recommendations.

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Differences Between Kerrie Redgate’s
two Course Offerings

Yogacara Professional Astrology Course
Living with Exceptional Purpose
(Astrology & Mind series)

Both approaches contain 4 decades of my exclusive and current clinical research and are not based on traditional ‘text-book’ astrology. (This means you will not pass an FAA/AFA/APAI exam with this knowledge! This is an advanced system.)
NEW CONCEPTS & METHODS are available in all my courses.
However, the areas covered by that research vary between the courses.

◀︎Astrology & Mind Series

  • The Astrology & Mind series of mostly short evergreen (pre-recorded) courses that hit the ground running to assist you with major areas of life development, from dealing with emotional charges to creative expression, and through access to your own astrology chart. This series can be studied in any order as each short course is a single focused unit in itself.
  • If you are mainly looking for something to advance your self-awareness, and help you develop your latent abilities for attaining your highest purpose, this course series will be perfect for you. 
  • The astrology you’ll learn in this course is targeted to particular areas of life expression for your benefit. It will not make you an astrologer, but will give you a fabulous tool for greater life enhancement.
  • You can choose the individual courses you’re interested in, with no obligation to purchase the rest. (Though Bundle discounts will be available.)
  • Courses will have downloadable PDF material to assist your assimilation and use of the material.
  • No formal exams, no grading, but there will be quizzes along the way to keep you on-track for your own assessment.
  • Access the courses again anytime in the future.

Yogacara Professional Astrology Course

  • If you’re interested in learning as much as possible about astrology, and how and why it works; or if you want to use astrology professionally, in any capacity, this Yogacara Professional Astrology course will offer you the most expansive view of astrology and mind.
  • You will learn my unique process for synthesising the many parts of a chart into one cohesive whole. This has consistently been the most difficult challenge for astrology students of all other systems.
  • This is a hybrid course of mostly on-demand video content with also access to me during bi-monthly online Meetings, organised for various time zones, for your questions and clarity.
  • No formal exams—yuck!—but helpful quizzes along the way. I will give you a digital certificate of completion after the course, but this may not be recognised via current standard astrology organizations, but will be invaluable once this system is more widely adopted. Remember, the general public, your clients, don’t care about your accreditations, only the results they experience personally from your efforts. 
  • You will also have access to the videos after each live class as well, for your personal study use. This can also be helpful for students who don’t have English as their first language. So you can review the material later by signing in to the course page.

Some topics from the
Yogacara Professional Astrology Course

emphasising …

  • Highest Career Options & Purpose
  • Inherent Talents
  • Decision-Making Processes
  • Source of inner Power
  • Higher Virtues
  • Mental Abilities/Challenges to Focus
  • Relationship Dynamics—Fostering Maturity
  • Emotional Blockages—Rational Explanations
  • Ideal Physical Activities for Emotional Balance
  • Communication styles—Pluses & Suggestions
  • Whole-brain Integration: 8 consciousnesses
  • Health-Sabotage Areas—Reprogramming
  • Attitudes to Time
  • Harnessing of Current Astrological Influences
  • Generations & Paradigms
  • ‘Tapestry’ of your Life
  • How to read Past-life Influences in the chart
  • Whole chart synthesis
  • and more . . .

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